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Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Projects

The elaboration of the Strategic Actions Program (SAP) is needed in order to have a series of experimental research to answer unsustainable management practices of the natural resources in the Basin, starting with the management of aquatic ecosystems in critical situations, sustainable management the varzea (flooded forest) in the basin, the sustainable use of grounded water in the large Amazonian cities, the integrated management of transboundary basins (MAP Region). These actions will mitigate the impacts of human activities on certain aquatic ecosystems; likewise, will implement good experiences on sustainable management of transboundary varzea; it will also demonstrate the efficiency and the sustainability of grounded water use in large Amazonian cities; and implementation of pilot practices in the management of two transboundary sub-drainage basins in the Napo and Madre de Dios-Acre-Pando region (MAP Region).