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Transboundary Diagnosis

The main goal of the TDA is to identify, quantify and establish priorities for dealing with the major environmental problems of a transboundary river basin, especially with the main problems associated with the management and conservation of water and aquatic resources and the ecosystems associated to these resources. The diagnosis is part of the key documents for the formulation of a regional TDA of the Amazon Basin, which will guide the development of the Strategic Actions Programme (SAP) for the Amazon Basin (Summers, 2013).

The study works done by the consultants Jorge Benites Aguero, Nancy del Prado and Percy Summers, indicate that the Transboundary Diagnosis Analysis (TDA) is a methodology for identifying and evaluating the most impacting environmental problems which are identified as critical issues, that are happening, or will eventually occur in a basin or region. They also noted that the TDA will determine the direct, indirect and root causes of the problem. With the TDA the users will be able to search for and identify the chain of cause-effect and establish the relation on the deterioration of water resources. Information gaps and actions needed to mitigate or avoid problems will be also identified. The TDA emphasizes the transboundary aspects of the basin or region and represents a contribution to the development of the GEF operational strategy regarding to international waters.

The TDA provides support for the logical development of the Strategic Actions Programme (SAP), based on sensible, holistic and multi-sectoral considerations of the problems associated with transboundary water systems.

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